A Beautiful Mess Photo App

I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever but it’s finally here! A Beautiful Mess‘ photo app is available on Google Play! I’m obsessed! The only problem is that the day it came out was the day I got my new Moto Maxx so I had no photos to choose from. We all know that won’t last long. The app is 99 cents which I know you’re like WOA. MONEY? PAY FOR APP? Yea, I hear you. I’m always scouting out the free crappier version. But THIS glorious app is worth every 99 pennies! It’s so fricken cute! Check out all the adorableness so far!


The second I got home I had to try it out!


ABM_1385659341 (1)

I’ve even started downloading some of my older photos and abeautifulmessing them!



Borders and Collages Oh My!

Eek! I love it! I do keep running into issues where I try to put too much stuff on my photos and they get cluttered (see the previous Thanksgiving blog post – there is ALOT going on). I’m getting the hang of it and I love it! If you want to play with mine before making the big splurge let me know! It’s so cute!!

xoxo Sarah


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