Las Flores

Private cars are more expensive than we thought they'd be but always come with a pretty interesting driver.

En Route

So last you heard we were heading from K59 to Las Flores, El Salvador anticipating perfect waves, a beautiful beach and also pitching out a few extra dollars for a nice hotel. Upon arrival we found that things weren’t exactly as we expected.


The view from our hotel was amazing!

IMAG2107 IMAG2109 IMAG2115

We arrived at Las Flores (Pretty far down the coast – you could see Nicaragua in the far distance) and after surveying the surf and discussing our options, we decided to cut the trip short. So instead of a 3 week trip, we spent a total of 10 days in El Salvador. We were a little disappointed that the trip didn’t turn out exactly as we expected but we are both still thrilled that we got to go! No regrets.


Look at these beasts!

It was an interesting experience cutting a vacation short, I can’t say I’ve heard of anyone ever doing that. But as most disappointments go, it was a blessing and a lesson in disguise. This trip made us so grateful for Washington and the United States. We all take advantage of clean water, litter free streets, safety and our culture (yes, I am starting to see America develop its very own culture). Every trip I go on reminds me of how wonderful my life is and how lucky I am. So no, we do not wish we hadn’t gone to El Salvador, but we are elated to have such a beautiful home to come back to.

Thanks Washington for being so kick ass!

P.S. Be prepared for a few posts showing just how amazing WA is. We kind of went crazy hiking everywhere once we returned 🙂


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