K59 is a gorgeous surf spot that is only accessible by two it three hotels. We were very excited to get away from the gross water at Sunzal and finally catch some beautiful waves. Once we arrived however it was obvious we were out of our league. These waves were double overhead…. Minimum (imagine surfing the wave and the top of the wave is an entire body length above the top of your head… Huge!). Honestly we probably could have surfed the wave but what is most difficult is getting out. You have to duck dive under massive amounts of water and paddle against a rip that’s trying to pull you either out to sea or towards huge cliffs.

So yet again, we did not surf.



We got to stay at a beautiful house right on the water. We spent two days watching other more experienced surfers and tanning. A little disappointed but not too shabby either.



So we are heading down to the bottom of the country in search of more waves.
We shall see!!


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