We made it!

We are officially in El Salvador. While we are excited to be here I won’t lie to you, we had a rough start. Motion sickness, lost surf bags, stolen goods and one of us experienced the side affects of bad drinking water (ok, it was me) were the lowlights of the beginning of our trip. But it’s pretty easy to forget all that when I’m looking out at palm branches, coconut trees and hand made bamboo fences.


We had a very cool thunderstorm last night followed by torrential rains that cut out power for an hour or so but also cooled down our concrete rooms considerably. The rains flushed the rivers last night so the ocean is gross today. Tomorrow we will move away from the river mouth so I’m looking forward to cleaner water.


Said gross river

This morning I woke to bug bites all over me despite dousing myself in insect repellent. Contracting diseases such as dunga (spell check?) fever and malaria via insects is possible so I spend at least five minutes a day reassuring myself that the physicians here have seen it all and it will be what it will be.




Tomorrow we will move north to K59 and hopefully get a more comfy room (right now we are sharing a twin bunk bed).



She meandered over to us before initiating an intense staring contest

The Pilsner and a good book is calling me so adiós for now.

Oh and happy Independence Day!!


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