En route

Eek! We’re on our way! Our bags have been packed, repacked and repacked again. We’ve seen every edge of Seattle getting everything we need together and now we are finally leaving. Currently we are sitting in the Alaska Lodge (think moose antler chandeliers) at SeaTac with two hours to waste before our flight (we’re the two on our phones with gallons of beer in front of us). I know we have 20 hours of travel left but I am tired. Getting randomly selected for bomb screening can really take it out of you. I am really looking forward to gracefully diving (she says very sarcastically) into some 83 degree Pacific! We have missed you!!

Carsons travel fear: All our luggage will fall out of the plane and what doesn’t will be stolen.

My travel fear: I won’t be able to sleep.

Next time I’ll be in El Salvador! (unless I get bored in which case I’ll be in LA or Miami)



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